About Us

India is a land of opportunities and also a land that has produced many successful and fresh young talents that are leading the world today. The ideas and approach these young talents are pursuing is taking the whole world by storm. And talking about such approach and opportunities, any business inside India is possible to thrive but also, the overseas businesses that are willing to enter into the Indian market and thrive have an equal opportunity too. It just needs a visionary that can help such foreign brands to make a mark in India and amongst the Indian populace. A visionary like Mr. Saandiip Shah, Director, VS Sales. 

Started off his career in the year 1998 as an executive at a distribution firm here in India, Saandiip had a clear interest in this kind of business- to become someone’s voice and sing the slogan of globalization. Onboarded many domestic and foreign brands and helping them achieve their pre-planned goals, he started to hone this skill of taking the pulse of the Indian population.

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Owing to the years of experience only to start his own distribution company was not easy as well, but it finally did happen in the year 2007 when VS Sales was born.Since 2007, VS Sales has partnered with many brands and has become an inflection point of their growth into the Indian markets. VS Sales has become a Brand for the Brands. 

Out of the many such brands, our relationship with Biotop Professionals and Dicora Urban Fit is working amazingly well the moment we exchanged our cards! 

It all happened because we understand the very difference between growing any business versus scaling any business. We transform our partner’s goals into our one common goal. We assure Sale and Scale.We create opportunities over occasions. We make your vision meaningful in the context of your business. We are VS Sales, Your Overseas Partner.