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Biotop Professional India


Biotop is a premium hair care brand dedicated to making your lifestyle exceptional by offering phenomenal haircare and hair styling products.



Since the inception, VS Sales have made many successful partnerships work and out of them, it was 2016 when we joined hands with Biotop Professional to walk on a thriving path of a journey towards a better international and multicultural business affair. Due to the hard work of our team of industrious personnel, as of August 2022, Biotop is now available in more than 40 cities across India.

Biotop Professional, an Israel based Hair Care, Styling and Hair Treatment brand, manufactures products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serums, hair repair oils and what not! We observed their dedication to constantly coming up with a range of solutions in the form of hair care products for each hair type and heredity. It’s their Israel based research facility where all the R&D is done to produce products for the people who reside in any geographical area of the world. Climate, environment and season-friendly hair care products as well.

Talking about their vast research and development process, their diligence in providing out and out quality products starts the time they use purified water as a basis of each product. This very well defines their pertinacity to provide standard products to the end user

As a partner, we have achieved enough in the context of creating a brand value for Biotop in India but it is merely a milestone, many such achievements are yet to be unlocked for sure.