Dicora Urban Fit


We don't believe in "perfect beauty." We believe that beauty begins on the inside and projects outwards.



Dicora Urban Fit is a lifestyle-enhancing brand based in Spain. Their over the top product lineup ranging from shower gels to shampoos, hand wash to hand sanitizers and moisturizing creams to fragrances are top notch. These products are made from natural extracts, proteins and vitamins that take you a step further by adding up to your routine fluidically, as these products give your skin the nourishment and elasticity they are lacking in this pollution-filled lifestyle. They are dermatologically tested, paraben free, made with pH balancing technology and are never tested on animals.

Our association with Dicora Urban Fit started in November 2020. As said earlier, we like to get associated with brands that have a vision for themselves and Dicora Urban Fit is a brand that has a vision for their customers as well!


Passionately a customer friendly brand

One thing we stressed the most about this brand is to have a simple yet very promising business philosophy of "exist, to take care of customers with all enthusiasm and responsibility." We strongly believe that your inner beauty should reflect flawlessly by using flawless products. At VS Sales, we have made sure that the products of Dicora brand spreads like it's own fragrance, here in India and thanks to our experience in the business, this brand is now the heartthrob of Indians.